Cuelinks Affiliate Program Review: All to Know About India’s Easiest Affiliate Marketing Solution


Cuelinks Affiliate Program Review

Are you in search of a reliable way to monetize your blog content in India? Of course, you could join multiple affiliate programs for that. You have individual affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, Flipkart, BigRock, and more. But here we talk about Cuelinks affiliate program? Fine, this is a simple and easy-to-use affiliate marketing platform for Indian bloggers.

Cuelinks works in an interesting way. It has all the key Indian vendors as advertisers, even including Amazon and Flipkart. So, as a publisher, you could just join Cuelinks and start trying out a variety of campaigns in different niches. And promote various products vis links, banners, and other forms of display ads to earn your share of commissions.

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Obviously, it is true that Cuelinks keeps a share of the commissions. That said, via Cuelinks affiliate program, you wouldn’t get the full commission rate the original advertiser had for its affiliates.

But what you get is an amazingly simple platform for affiliate marketing. Clearly, to take part in any program, you don’t need special approval as it is with other similar platforms. Everything is quite simple. You just need to join and start promoting the products or brands you would like to do.

Cuelinks Affiliate Program – What is Unique

There is indeed something special in the way Cuelinks affiliate program works. It highlights a ready-to-go interface for publishers. When it comes to other similar affiliate programs, you have to apply for each and every merchant program individually. Here you have no strict restrictions that prevent you from participating in the affiliate programs of the major brands.

Certainly, with Cuelinks, everything takes place in a breeze. Soon after you sign up the account, you are welcome to a dashboard, where you could quickly start promoting their products by generating customized links and ads. Just browse the merchant website, copy the link to the product you want to promote and use the link builder in the Cuelinks dashboard to produce your special links.

Nevertheless, remember that all merchants keep strict terms and conditions in many aspects. They mainly include the regulations that restrict on whatever social media sites and other platforms you could promote their links. And what type of campaigns you could carry out or not. Therefore, make sure you get through all the regulations clearly before starting a campaign on Cuelinks.

Cuelinks – How it Works

This is a simple process. You just have to open an account. For that, you need your basic information including the website URL, mobile number, email ID, and etc.

After, you enter to the dashboard. On the Campaign Explorer menu there, you could simply search for the suitable advertisers by filtering the category, country, and other factors.

Each merchant page comes with a link generator. So, you could browse the merchant website, find a product, and use the link generator to produce the affiliate link you would like to promote.

Plus, the merchant page also highlights the basic information on the brand, their categories, payout rate, and, of course, the terms and conditions. Hence, for a blogger in a niche, it would amazingly be easy to find a category or product that goes with his/her blog topic.

That is why the Cuelinks affiliate platform is easy-to-use. As per the company, they have designed it so to let writers focus more on writing. And leave the monetizing part an easy go on Cuelinks.

Cuelinks – Installation Options

Apart from the above-said manual option, Cuelinks affiliate program offers you multiple automatic monetizing solutions. In this case, it is all about inserting some codes into your website’s backend, letting Cuelinks programs run in the form of the text links, display ads, and more.

Below, let us check out the different installation options available in Cuelinks affiliate program.

1. Cuelinks (JavaScript)

This is one of such facilities. Evidently, it helps convert your normal links automatically into affiliate links. All you need to is to insert the given Java code to your website’s root.

Here, as you see, you need to do nothing to integrate links to your pages. It is a cool choice for large bloggers to integrate affiliate links into their old posts and monetize them without any extra job.

However, many users have complained that the Java code was not working well with their sites.

Cuelinks - How to Install Cuelinks

2. Cueapps (Android SDK)

This is simply an option to integrate affiliate links in your Android application. In four simple steps, you could install Cuelinks SDK in your Android app, making sure an option to monetize your app.

Clicks from your app would direct users to the affiliate merchant site on the go. Thus, you could sit back and relax by earning commissions via the purchases made through the app.

Cuelinks Cueapps Android SDK

3. Cuewords (Native In-Text Links)

The next option to run automatic Cuelinks affiliate links on your blog is Cuewords. This is all about automatically integrating affiliate links into the keywords of an article.

Of course, it is a cool way to multiply your earnings with the native in-text links inside your article. Yes, you could enjoy access to all the 1000+ campaigns from the leading merchants.

Cuelinks Cuewords Native In-text links

4. Cuewidgets (Sidebar and Banner Ads)

Finally, we have Cuewidgets. As its name suggests, this is an option to set up display ads as sidebars or banners to redirect your audience to the Cuelinks affiliate programs. Fine, you have two types of widgets – Deal Widgets or Coupon Widgets – to integrate attractive display ads to your blog.

There is an option to select the categories you would like to promote and the ideal ad size as well. The available ad sizes are 300 x 250, 300 x 600, and 728 x 90 px, which will clearly meet your needs for perfect sidebar and banner ads. After you select the ad attributes, you get the code to integrate into the respective spots on your blog.

Cuelinks Cuewidgets

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Cuelinks affiliate program. As a publisher, we are so far quite happy with the way the platform works. However, during my research online, I came across many people who were unhappy with the payment delay and some other issues.

Anyway, Cuelinks affiliate program is a down-the-line solution for easily monetizing your content. The only requirement to join the program is that you should own a blog. Certainly, there is no kind of restriction based on the traffic and other factors of your blog or website.

That is why it comes out to be a simple solution. Compared to many other similar services, Cuelinks affiliate program is indeed a comprehensive solution for all the bloggers, especially the beginners. Anyway, share your thoughts about the program in the comments below.


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