FlyDubai Affiliate Program Review: All to Know About One of the Best Airline Affiliate Programs for Budget Airline Bloggers


FlyDubai Affiliate Program Review

FlyDubai is an incredible affiliate partner for an airliner blogger. We certainly have several budget airlines out there. As you know, FlyDubai is the Middle East’s one of the fast-growing airlines. Thus, the FlyDubai affiliate program is, of course, a lucrative option for niche bloggers in the budget airline industry.

We would like to have our take on the FlyDubai affiliate program here.

As per the Dubai-based airline, it has partnered with DoubleTrader for its affiliate program. But several other affiliate networks also provide the FlyDubai affiliate program facility with almost the same payout rate as its official partner. To name a few, they include DCMNetwork, Cuelinks, VigLinks, and more.

FlyDubai Affiliate Program Review

Well, it is very easy to join the FlyDubai affiliate program through its official partner, TradeDoubler. You just need to fill in a form with some basic personal as well as blog details. Sooner you will be redirected to the dashboard, where you need to verify the site to access the ads and text links.

Fine, TradeDoubler offers you a competitive commission of 1.5% of the net light fare. Further, it provides real-time reporting and monthly commission check facility. The cookie time is 48 hours. And you get the ad creatives updated regularly. That is how it is a cool way to take part in the FlyDubai affiliate program.

On the other hand, the other affiliate networks also provide you competitive options to join the FlyDubai program. The CueLinks CPS program gives you a payout of up to 1.12% per sale as of writing this. VigLink has an offer of 1.5% and DCMNetwork has 1.2%.

What We Like

Fastest Growing Budget Airline

As said above, we have FlyDuabi as one of the fast-growing airlines in the Middle East. Founded in 2009, FlyDubai enjoys a fleet of around 50 Boeing 737-800 aircraft to fly you to over 90 destinations across the world. In other words, from its hub of the Dubai airport, FlyDubai operates around 1500 flights a week.

Competitive Commission Rates

The FlyDubai affiliate program ensures you a very competitive rate as commission. With around 1.5% on nearly all the affiliate networks, you could surely earn a fortune if you have a good number of audiences. As a growing airline and great service provider, you could easily convince your readers to book a flight.

Multiple Affiliate Networks

As you see, apart from the official partner, you could enjoy the FlyDubai affiliate facility on several other well-known affiliate networks. That gives you a chance not to move on to an unfamiliar new platform to take part in the program. You could stay on your favorite platform and monetize your content.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the FlyDubai affiliate program. It is certainly a brilliant option for a blogger to monetize his or her content platforms that focus on the tour and travel, airline, and other similar niches. Well, if you have a good number of audience from the Middle East, especially Dubai, join the FlyDubai program and increase your earnings steadily.

The budget airline has indeed grabbed much popularity recently for its outstanding services So, it is all about using its affiliate program smartly to earn good revenues from your content verticals. Share your thoughts and experiences with the FlyDubai program in the comments below.


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