Online Courses Affiliate Programs: 10 Best Online Education Affiliate Programs for Education Bloggers


Online Courses Affiliate Programs

Education is certainly one of the profitable niches for blogging. If you have picked up education as your niche topic, there are many options for you to monetize your projects. The new wave of online courses has opened up more possibilities. Yes, we’ve many money-spinning online courses affiliate programs.

Online courses are ideal ways you could pick up new skills and boost your existing skills.

It is impractical to get back to a school or college for new courses. But we have a lot of online courses in all verticals out there. They offer you short-term and self-regulated courses to attain new skills. Thus, you could grow further up in your career and academic life.

Most online courses have lucrative affiliate programs. If you are an affiliate in the niche of education and related topics, it is surely a great idea to join one or more of the online courses affiliate programs listed below to monetize your content platforms.

Best Online Courses Affiliate Programs

Many online course sites highlight their own proprietary affiliate platforms. Meanwhile, some sites have signed up partnerships with the leading affiliate networks to manage their programs.

When it comes to the payout rates, all the important online learning websites give away a decently good percent to their affiliates. All the programs offer different creatives that are suitable for your projects.

By the way, most online learning sites feature a rich collection of online courses, training programs, and more. So, you could easily choose the apt and the most convertible topics for your niche blogs. Anyway, we would like to have a detailed look at the best online courses affiliate programs below.

1. Udemy Affiliate Program

Udemy is indeed one of the world’s largest online marketplaces for learning and teaching.

The online learning site has more than 30 million students and over 50,000 instructors. Plus, it features over 250 million course enrollments and the students come from around 200 countries. Overall, Udemy, a short form of You + Academy is one of the most reliable online learning platforms.

Udemy Affiliate Program

Of course, Udemy has a reliable affiliate program. For that, it has partnered with Rakuten LinkShare. So it is easy to join and start promoting the Udemy courses and training programs. The program offers you a variety of creatives including dozens of text links with the deep linking option and hundreds of banners.

Udemy offers very competitive commission rates up to 15%. Plus, it usually comes with a lot of offers and perks for the affiliates. It is easy to get approval for the program on Rakuten and start earning from your blogs, and vlogs. Just pick from thousands of products and create links, deep links, banners, or more.

Join Udemy Affiliate Program

Why We Like It

  • Thousands of Online Courses and Training Programs.
  • Fast Approval and Easy-to-Use Affiliate Program.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager and Promotional Assets.
  • Highly Competitive Commission Rates.

2. Coursera Affiliate Program

Next, on our list of the online courses affiliate programs, we have the Coursera affiliate program. This is yet another prominent online marketplace for leaners to join new courses and training programs. Well, it offers you a line of top instructors from several world-class universities.

On Coursera, you could learn anything new all the time around, thanks to thousands of free and cheaper courses, video lectures, and more. It is a 100% online learning platform.

Coursera Affiliate Program

Coursera has also partnered with Rakuten Linkshare for its lucrative affiliate program. But different from Udemy, Coursera offers you a high baseline commission of 20% to 45% to its affiliates. It is also easy to join the program on Rakuten provided that you have quality sites that are aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, the Coursera program features everything an affiliate typically needs to manage a campaign on his/her sites. You could pick from over 1000 of courses and specializations to endorse on your blogs.

You get several customer banners and text links to easily integrate into your content. Plus, tracking your traffic and sales is also an easy exercise with the Coursera affiliate program.

Join Coursera Affiliate Program

Why We Like It

  • Thousands of Courses and Specializations.
  • Free and Highly Affordable Online Courses.
  • Baseline Commissions of 20% to 45%. 
  • Easy-to-Join and Manage Affiliate Program.
  • Rich with Attractive Banners, Text Links, and More.

3. LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Program

LinkedIn Learning is another leading marketplace for online learning. The American website, a subsidiary of LinkedIn, the famous social network for professionals and businesses, notably offers video and online courses in creative, software, and business skills.

By the way, it was earlier known as, which LinkedIn acquired back in 2015. Well, the American entrepreneur Lynda Weinman founded it a decade before.

Of course, LinkedIn Learning has a reliable affiliate program. In our view, it is one of the most profitable online courses affiliate programs out there, because it helps you earn up to $5 per trial sign-up.

LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Program

In addition, LinkedIn Learning offers you a higher 35% commission rate for each sale directed from your content platform. Meanwhile, the program certainly provides a number of the latest banners, links, and free trial offers and other perks to make your efforts worthy and rather profitable.

At the same time, the program has a long 30-day tracking cookie. Plus, there is a dedicated affiliate team to help you out. Above all, the rich number of resources on the online learning marketplace is a brilliant way you could earn good revenues from your blogs, video channels, and more.

Join the LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Program

Why We Like It

  • Rich Number of Creative and Software Courses. 
  • Free and Affordable Online Courses.
  • $5 Per Trail Sign-Up and 35% Commission Per Sale. 
  • Easy-to-Join and Dedicated Affiliate Executive.
  • Good Number of Banners, Text Links, and More.

4. Udacity Affiliate Program

Udacity is another popular platform for online learning. It could help you obtain technology skills to take your career into a new level. Udacity has some innovative Nanodegree programs, which are designed in collaboration with the top-tier tech companies.

Thus, you get a chance to learn new things directly from industry experts.

Udacity Nanodegree programs help pair its online classrooms with practical projects and other hands-on activities. You could also create a profile on Udacity to showcase your career skills. Of course, Udacity has an attractive affiliate program for niche bloggers to earn revenues by referring their audience to.

Udacity Affiliate Program

The Udacity program offers you a series of banners and text links. You could place them on your content platforms and lead readers to a variety of the Udacity subscription programs to earn its exclusive offers as well as lucrative commissions.

When it comes to the commission rates, the Udacity affiliate program helps you earn $100 when a new student joins one of its Nanodegree programs.

Moreover, the program brings to you some added advantages. They include an option to know about special discounts and promotional programs at first. Finally, like all the similar programs, you have a dedicated affiliate customer support team at Udacity.

Join the Udacity Affiliate Program

Why We Like It

  • $100 Commission for a New Student Enrollment. 
  • Variety of Nanodegree Programs to Promote.
  • Easy-to-Join and Dedicated Affiliate Support Team. 
  • Rich Number of Banners, Text Links, and More.

5. edX Affiliate Program

edX is another prominent online learning and education platform out there. It was founded by Harvard and MIT and is home to over 20 million learners from across the world. edX is carrying out a big role in transforming the traditional format of education with hundreds of courses online.

Of course, edX has an attractive affiliate program. It has partnered with Awin to manage its affiliates. You could choose from a number of promotional creatives including the banners and text links to promote its products on your websites, blogs, and other content platforms.

edX Affiliate Program

Well, the more you promote the more you could earn from the edX program. The platform guarantees you highly competitive commission rates with each valid purchase. Apparently, Awin has set up a quality interface for you to manage your edX affiliate program easily.

Further, it has a long 60-day cookie period different from most other online courses affiliate programs. Also, it has got a dedicated account manager to help you out. You will also get monthly newsletters to update you with special promotions, deals, and offers.

Join the edX Affiliate Program

Why We Like It

  • Thousands of Online Courses and Programs.
  • Competitive Commission Rates.
  • 60-Day Long Cookie Period.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Support Executive.
  • Variety of Banners, Text Links, and More.

6. SkillShare Affiliate Program

Next, it is SkillShare. This is another leading online learning community with a lucrative affiliate program. SkillShare highlights thousands of online courses for students across the world. The topics of SkillShare learning courses mainly include photography, illustration, design, video editing, and more.

SkillShare has partnered with the leading affiliate platform, Impact for its affiliate program. The platform offers an industry-leading affiliate program that helps its affiliates make good earnings. See, it gives you a payout of $10 per newly-referred customer to the platform.

SkillShare Affiliate Program Review

As per SkillShare, an affiliate could earn around $200 a month if you have one sale a day. Its program has a cookie period of 30 days and the payout schedule is the 16th day after the end of one month. You get a wide number of creatives including banners, text links, and more.

Further, the SkillShare program provides you with free tutorials if you are new to affiliate marketing. And for experienced marketers, it is a state-of-the-art platform. Overall, you could ensure good earnings from the program if you have a popular blog in the niches of education, online learning, and more.

Join the SkillShare Affiliate Program

Why We Like It

  • Over 22,000 Online Courses.
  • Highly Competitive Commission Rates.
  • 30-Day Long Cookie Period.
  • Variety of Banners, Text Links, and More.
  • $10 Earning Per New Customer.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the top online courses affiliate programs out there. Of course, there are many other options, but we have hand-picked some of the top programs for you.

So, if you are an education blogger, you could find a proper platform to monetize your content verticals easily. Sure, each of the above online courses is known for its influence in the online learning industry. Thus, you could go for a platform that meets your niche perfectly.


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